Networking Day 2016

The I.H.R.N wish to thank everyone who attended our networking day in the Manila Hotel Clonmel on Saturday the 15th of October 2016.  Delegates  from Dublin Cork Limerick  and Clonmel were in attendance.  

The day started with an informal meet and greet  session where delegates  from the various stations mingled over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

 The day formally began at 11.30 with  MC for the day Frank O Dwyer introducing IHRN Charperson John Savage for his address followed by  The Mayor of Clonmel  Andy Maloney .

Stephanie Comie of The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland gave the first workshop of the day with a talk on the difference between sponsorship and advertising.

Stephanie was followed by Marie Barrie of the HSE who a spoke about the importance of Hospital Radio to patients and staff.


University College Cork law lecturer Anthony O Dwyer was next to the podium and he delivered a very interesting talk on defamation  in realtion to radio and social media.  This took us to 1.15 and we broke for lunch.

After lunch Tom Noctor delivered his workshop on producing a radio show with Audacity  a multitrack editor.   Denis O Sullivan gave a talk on Interview techniques  and was followed by RTE's Eoin Ryan who gave  a very interesting talk on knowing your audience and gearing your show towards that audience.  

After the Workshops  IHRN Chairperson John Savage invited former founding committe member Donal Cronin to the podium and presented with with an engrave clock  in appreciation of his commitemment to the network and Hospital Radio down through the years.  This brought the formal events to an end .



We then presented all present with a certificate for their attendance and followed this with a fun table quiz where teams were drawn from a hat  ensuring each team consisited of delegates from different stations.    

John Lynch from CUH FM compiled the questions and  was quiz master .   The day formaly closed at  5.15 and delegates made their way home.  

Ken Hughes from St. Ita's was official photographer for the day . Experience Production  recorded procedings on video and videos of all the talks are now published under the Training Videos tab on the site menu at the top of this page..



Marie Barrie HSE Manager South Tipperary Hospital

(Introduction By Frank Dwyer IHRN Vice Chairperson)

Andy Maloney Mayor Of Clonmel


A Governance Handbook for Industry Networks: Guide for the Effective Operation of Management Committees and Boards of Directors”, while not a definitive guide, provides a good introduction to the effective operation of Board and Management Committees. The Handbook provides guidance on a range of topics such as governance, financial responsibilities, and running effective board meetings. The Handbook also contains a range of website links, contact details and recommended texts to assist users. The contents of this publication are based on an earlier handbook produced by the BAI’s predecessor, the BCI, as part of the Network Development Project in 2007.


Download Here



South Tipperary General Hospital Radio hosted the I.H.R.N. Training workshop on Saturday the 14th of April 2012.

The subject for the workshop was media law and the  instructor was Andrea Martin Solicitor specialising in media law and author of the book  Media law in ireland. 

CUh Party

Donal Cronin

HUNDREDS of sick and vulnerable Cork kids got to visit Santa Claus in style in a series of trips organised by the Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club.
Vintage cars, a fleet of minis, a Hummer, stretched limousines and even Michael Flatley’s Rolls Royce were on hand to transport the kids to a winter wonderland at Fota House in east Cork.

CUH FM joined the convoy with presenters Noel Welch and Jim Jamel chatting with the kids and their families on what was a very enjoyable day for all concerned. The special programme was broadcast on Christmas Eve.

CUH party 08

A total of 240 children made the trip in four sessions from Cork University Hospital, the South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital, Mercy University Hospital, Cork Deaf Association and Edel House.
Stereo Jack

Name : Stereo Jack

Show : Golden Oldies

Jack always been interested in Hospital Radio and remembers its first broadcast in 1983 in fact he tells me that he operated the decks for the very first air checks for the station. He took a break from radio for and few years but then availed of our training service in 1993 and is now an invaluable member of the Hospital Radio Team

Steve Marry

Name : Steve Marry

Show : Steve in the Morning

Steve joined us in april 2007. Currently he presents a hour of middle of the road music every Tuesday and thursday morningl

Damien Carey

Name : Damien Carey

Show : Sunday Lunch

Damien joined us in January 2007. Currently he presents an oldies show on Sunday afternoon and covers for the other weekend presenters in their absence.

Dympna Cullen

Name : Dympna Cullen

Show : Classic Requests

Dympna joined our training program in January 2007. having completed her initial training she now presents a classical music program from 11.00 to 12.00 each thursday morning.


Christine Noctor

Name : Christine Noctor

Show : The Pure Irish

Christine presents The Pure Irish every Wednesday at twelve o clock. Her show is a music mix of Irish artists. There's a trip down memory lane with a weekly showband feature, a three in a row from a featured Irish artist and a coupla focal courtesy of our friends at Gael Linn.

John Martin

Name : John Martin

Show : The Orange Blossom Country Special

John has been with us since the eighties. He was a presenter on TTTR. He presents our Sunday morning programme with mass live from the Church at St. Ita's. He specialises in country music with his Irish country request show and the ever popular Orange Blossom Country Special.

Annette Kane

Name : Annette Kane

Show : The Morning Show

Annette joined the Hospital Radio team in 2006. She is currently co-presenting the morning show with Paul Woods. We hope to have her flying solo in the near future presenting her very own show.

Colm O Grady

Name : Colm O Grady

Show : The Saturday Morning Music Show

Colm has been with the Station a few years now and presents the Saturday morning show. He has an expert knowledge of music form the 50s to today and will source the most hard to find music if requested.. If you have ever enjoyed our weekend automated system Colm is the man to thank as he is responsible for it.

Phil Fagan

Name : Phil Fagan

Show : Pure Magic

Phil joined us in early 2004. His show entitled Pure Magic is full of great music and features such as Going For Gold and Back 2 the Future. Phil's early radio influences were Sunshine 101 and Radio Nova. Keep an eye out for him on the nightclub scene as he is a regular at various venues around Dublin.

Jason Reynolds

Name : Jason Reynolds

Show : Monday Lunch

Jason is a home grown talent. He had no previous radio experience when he joined us in 2004 availing of our training programme. He now presents the Monday lunchtime show from 12.00 to 14.00 .

Ken Hughes

Name : Ken Hughes

Show : Eighties Gold

Ken is a voluntary presenter and also the Station engineer (also voluntary). He keeps the show on the road with his expertise in all things electronic. He is also an excellent jock and anyone frequented the pubs and clubs in the local area in the mid eighties may well remember him.

Paul Woods

Name : Paul Woods

Show : The Morning Show

Paul was a long time listener but joined the on air team in 2005. He presents the morning show and an at the movies show . He is another presenter that availed of our training programme having no previous radio experience.

Rob Davis

Name : Rob Davis

Show : Classic & Future Gold

Rob joined us in 2004 and presents The Love Zone featuring Love songs and today. .Rob first broadcast on the very popular pirate ARD in 1979 and has graced many studios since. His fondest memories of listening to radio in his youth is of Radio Luxemburg and BBC Radio 1. He says the best radio he every heard was Chris Carey's Radio Nova "even the adds were brilliant". Rob is a keen collector of radio memorabilia and has his own radio production studio.

Michael O Brien

Name : Michael O Brien

Show : Easy Listening

is a shift worker and broadcasts in his spare time. He has studied radio production at college and hopes to pursue a full time career in broadcasting one day. He also presents a show on Near FM which is a community Station on the north side of Dublin.

Richard Smith

Name : Richard Smith

Show : The A to Z Of Pop

Having spent many months in Hospital Following an accident I feel that I have a better idea, and a greater understanding of what patients and staff need from their local service. So, I set about creating a programme which, hopefully would appeal to most listeners young and old alike, and in such a format that would suit their varying listening habits. ‘The A to Z of pop!’ has been created especially with Hospital Radio listener’s in mind. ..........................................................................Read more here.

Mike Treacy

Name : Michael Treacy

Show : The Roots

Mike joined us on work experience from his media course in the Liberties college 2005 . He was to be with us for a few months gaining research and on air experience but as i thpe this on june 2007 he is still with us . You may meet Michael out and about doing Vox pops which he uses in his show.

Tom Noctor

Name : Tom Noctor

Show : The Golden Years

I am the Station Manager. It is my job to keep things running smoothly. In that regard I am very lucky to have such a great bunch of dedicated volunteers to work with. I don't get on air as much as I would like as the administration keeps me busy and we have a good compliment of presenters at the moment.


Station History
Patients in Clonmel hospital have  a smile on their faces those days, as they tune into their very own radio station. Staff and patients turn the dial to 93.7FM - South Tipperary General  Hospital Radio, from 3pm to 11pm on weekdays and 10am to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays, to hear requests and dedications,  as well as hospital information.
South Tipperary General Hospital Radio is the brainchild  of the Friends of South  Tipperary General Hospital Group who have been in existence over the years,  helping out with and raising money for various projects in and out of the hospital.
The group members are putting on their headphones and spinning the discs at the station, as are several of hospital staff, and members of the public who want to help out or have an interest in radio and music.
The signal is beamed out from two equipped rooms at the hospital, which up to eleven years ago were part of the laundry facilities.
From strength-to-strength..
RTE producer Eoin Ryan, who started his career at Tipp FM, launched the station on May 18, 2000, and it has gone from strength-to-strength since then
One indication of its popularity is number of requests received. In one month alone, 547 were logged, which works out at more than 18 per day. The programmes are aimed at the hospital community.
The station is run by a team of volunteers who include presents and technicians. Some of these are new to broadcasting, but some have been involved since the early days of local hospital radio, with the past 12 years
A word from our Station Manager:
It was about 12 years ago that I first had the idea of a radio
communication system in the hospital. I always felt that the time
could be very long, lying in bed all day, maybe music, chat and religious
programmes would  help to  make a hospital stay easier.
It’s my privilege to be manager of our wonderful South Tipperary General Hospital Radio 93.7FM - our much praised
radio broadcasting station in South Tipperary General Hospital
which is on  the air eight hours each day.
I would like to thank the many wonderful people for their time and effort in getting our station under way.
From the feedback from patients and staff, all seem to enjoy the
brightness it has brought into hospital life.
John Savage


CORK University Hospital Radio (102FM) conducted its first ‘live broadcast’ on January 29th, 1989 to the patients, staff, visitors and other healthcare service  users at what was then the Cork Regional Hospital. This was a milestone event in the history of the hospital complex and was the end result of a mammoth seven year effort  which began in 1982 by a number of individuals,  including the present chairman of the Irish Hospital Radio Network, Noel Welch to introduce hospital radio to that location.
The intervening years has seen great success being enjoyed by CUH FM and this is credited to all of the volunteers who have given and continue to give their time, knowledge, skill, and dedication for the benefit of others in the form of an incomparable hospital entertainment and information service to a daily audience of almost 850 patients,  3,800 staff and approximately 3,000 other hospital users.
Presently there are 40 volunteers in the form of broadcasters, broadcasters assistants, technical direction and support personnel providing the service.
The station broadcasts  under a renewable five year licence contract granted by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) and provides a 24-hour/seven day service with approximately 12 hours of live programming and 12 hours  of pre-recorded programming on offer daily. Also included are religious ceremonies, health promotion advertisements, news, and community notices or events and many requests, dedications and goodwill messages.
It is also included in the Major Accident Plan for the greater Cork Area and for the National Emergency Plan for its ability to communicate with the public. The station is located in its own purposely-designed and fitted studio in the main concourse of what is now the Cork University Hospital and has recently extended its broadcasting services  to the newer on-site  Cork University Maternity Hospital and the even newer Cardiac-Renal Centre. This  central location allows easy access to listeners wishing to call to the studio personally  to make a request or dedication.
In 2010  CUH FM celebrated its 21st year of broadcasting  and were awarded the Executive Management Board’s Achievement  Award for its services. They also received a visit from TV3 which was featured on the 5.30pm evening news.
On an annual basis, CUH FM are involved in the Cork Lord Mayor’s Awards, Lord Mayor’s Volunteer Fair, Christmas events at Cork University Hospital, on-going promotions of its services, and the recognition of its long-service broadcasters by presenting them with 10 year service awards at its Annual General Meetings.
The organisational structure consists of a Health Service Executive Designated Officer to oversee all activities at the station, a Management Committee (four members) to manage on a continuous basis and a Programme Committee whose role includes the supervision and monitoring of daily programming.
CUH FM hospital radio looks forward to continuing to provide a first class service to its target audience and to its future associations  with  the Irish Hospital Radio Network, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, HSE, Cork City Council,  and all of its loyal listeners and supporters.
Tom Browne

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