Networking Day 2008 Gallery

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 The Irish Hospital Radio Network Held it's first networking day for all members in the Hotel Manilla Clonmel 2008. There were 70 delegates present. Speakers for the day were Ciaran Kissane head of broadcasting with the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, Tom O Sullivan, founding Chairman of the network Robert Quinn Chief Nursing Officer of Clonmel general hospital, Patrick Lynch former member of Mater Hospital Radio and the current network Chairman Tom Noctor
The event commenced at 11 o clock with a reception where members of each station mingled and had an informal chat. The event was then officially opened by a representative of the Mayor of Clonmel.

Ciaran Kissane spoke of the importance of Networks to the BCI. He opened by saying he was delighted to see such a turnout for the event and spoke of the informal reception he had witnessed earlier which he felt would be very beneficial to help develop the network. He also spoke of the BCI's commitment to supporting the network and announced that our recent budget submission for next year 2009 had been approved. This news was well received by the Network as it will allow the network to fulfill its plans and obligations for the next year.

I.H.R.N. Chairman Tom Noctor thanked the BCI for their continued support. He spoke of the reasons behind the foundation of the network and its future aims and objectives. He outlined the events that had taken place to date and announced plans for training events for all members in the near future. Tom spoke of the importance of developing the network and invited anyone interested in getting involved at committee level to make contact. He then spoke of the IHRN website and demonstrated some of its functions such as the discussion forum which the network feel could be an invaluable tool in aiding its development.The Chairman concluded his address by thanking the Volunteers from each station for their continued support to Hospital radio.

Robert Quinn CNO of Clonmel General Hospital spoke of the benefits of Hospital Radio to his service and thanked the volunteers for their commitment to providing the service.

Next to speak was Tom O Sullivan former Chairman of the Network, Tom spoke of the foundation of the network and the importance of hospital radio to our patients. He also spoke of the need to develop the network.

Mr. Pat Lynch was our final speaker before lunch and gave a very interesting talk on the benefits of networking and how it had enable him interview some very famous people.


After Lunch Tom O Sullivan (Limerick), Noel Welch (Cork university Hospital) Seamus Healy (South Tipperary General) and Mr. Sean Fahy Day Services Manager at St. Ita's Portrane all spoke of their stations outlining their setup and benefits to the respective hospitals.

There was then a presentation of specially commissioned lapel pins to all the Volunteers present. Bronze pins representing 5 years service, Silver pins representing 5 to 10 years service and gold pins representing 10 years plus service were presented as token of gratitude to the volunteers and recognition of the commitment they have given to their stations.

The event closed with the Chairman thanking the invited guests, speakers, hotel staff and the members for their attendance.