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Hospital Radio Impact Study

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) in the U.K.  published it's "white paper into hospital broadcasting" with contributions from hospital radio stations, staff within hospitals and patients and their families
The HBA commissioned an independent piece of research into the impact of hospital broadcasting on health outcomes for patients. A UK wide study was completed involving over 250 individuals including patients, staff  and hospital radio volunteers. 
The study revealed that there was evidence of hospital radio stations having an impact on psychosocial health outcomes in the following ways:
Boredom reduced by entertainment Loneliness reduced by social interaction
Anxiousness / frustration  reduced by being calming and reassuring
Disorientation reduced by creating a sense of belonging
Depersonalisation reduced by making one feel like an individual
Health and wellbeing awareness increased by providing information
Participants in the research recognised the positive impact of hospital radio on reducing boredom, loneliness and anxiousness. Moreover, insight from the research revealed that hospital radio was actually positively influencing all of these psychosocial outcome measures.
Entertainment is provided by hospital radio through the playing of music, along with other content, that listeners like and that they feel is relevant to them.
Social interaction via hospital radio comes from providing listeners with a virtual friend, and through face to face interaction with volunteers from the station.
Hospital radio through the approach to broadcasting taken by presenters provides a distraction and is a calming and reassuring form of entertainment. 
Hospital radio helps create a positive sense of belonging by familiarising patients with the hospital and allowing them to maintain a connection with their lives and people outside.
Hospital radio helps people to feel like an individual by focusing on their personality and music preferences.
Hospital radio has the potential to increase awareness of health and wellbeing by delivering information and advice in an appropriate and sensitive way. 
In addition to benefitting patients, hospital radio has a positive impact upon volunteers through making them feel like they are doing something worthwhile and by creating a sense of community and belonging amongst radio station volunteers. 
There is potential social value generated by hospital radio through the impact it has upon the psychosocial outcomes, and the links between them and both physical health outcomes and organisational priorities for the hospital, such as a positive patient experience. 
Recommendations are made to increase the impact of hospital radio through raising awareness and promoting partnership working with hospital partners.

Networking Day 15-10-2016

The I.H.R.N wish to thank everyone who attended our networking day in the Manila Hotel Clonmel on Saturday the 15th of October 2016.  Delegates  from Dublin Cork Limerick  and Clonmel were in attendance.  

The day started with an informal meet and greet  session where delegates  from the various stations mingled over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

 The day formally began at 11.30 with  MC for the day Frank O Dwyer introducing IHRN Charperson John Savage for his address followed by  The Mayor of Clonmel  Andy Maloney .

Stephanie Comie of The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland gave the first workshop of the day with a talk on the difference between sponsorship and advertising.

Stephanie was followed by Marie Barrie of the HSE who a spoke about the importance of Hospital Radio to patients and staff.


University College Cork law lecturer Anthony O Dwyer was next to the podium and he delivered a very interesting talk on defamation  in realtion to radio and social media.  This took us to 1.15 and we broke for lunch.

After lunch Tom Noctor delivered his workshop on producing a radio show with Audacity  a multitrack editor.   Denis O Sullivan gave a talk on Interview techniques  and was followed by RTE's Eoin Ryan who gave  a very interesting talk on knowing your audience and gearing your show towards that audience.  

After the Workshops  IHRN Chairperson John Savage invited former founding committe member Donal Cronin to the podium and presented with with an engrave clock  in appreciation of his commitemment to the network and Hospital Radio down through the years.  This brought the formal events to an end .



We then presented all present with a certificate for their attendance and followed this with a fun table quiz where teams were drawn from a hat  ensuring each team consisited of delegates from different stations.    

John Lynch from CUH FM compiled the questions and  was quiz master .   The day formaly closed at  5.15 and delegates made their way home.  

Ken Hughes from St. Ita's was official photographer for the day . Experience Production  recorded procedings on video and videos of all the talks are now published under the Training Videos tab on the site menu at the top of this page..



Marie Barrie HSE Manager South Tipperary Hospital

(Introduction By Frank Dwyer IHRN Vice Chairperson)

Andy Maloney Mayor Of Clonmel


Networking Day 2016

The 2016 I.H.R.N. networking day takes place on the 15th of October in the Minella Hotel Clonmel commencing at 10.30 am. Our plans for the day include an informal reception for members of the various stations to meet and chat.

In the morning we will have speakers on the following topics, Know your audience, Broadcasting law and Interview Techniques and we will also have a video presentation on how to produce a prerecorded radio show using free software.

Lunch will be at 1:45 and in the afternoon we will have a  fun music quiz  with the day finishing at 4 PM.  Full details are available from each station's IHRN representative, we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.