CORK University Hospital Radio (102FM) conducted its first ‘live broadcast’ on January 29th, 1989 to the patients, staff, visitors and other healthcare service  users at what was then the Cork Regional Hospital. This was a milestone event in the history of the hospital complex and was the end result of a mammoth seven year effort  which began in 1982 by a number of individuals,  including the present chairman of the Irish Hospital Radio Network, Noel Welch to introduce hospital radio to that location.
The intervening years has seen great success being enjoyed by CUH FM and this is credited to all of the volunteers who have given and continue to give their time, knowledge, skill, and dedication for the benefit of others in the form of an incomparable hospital entertainment and information service to a daily audience of almost 850 patients,  3,800 staff and approximately 3,000 other hospital users.
Presently there are 40 volunteers in the form of broadcasters, broadcasters assistants, technical direction and support personnel providing the service.
The station broadcasts  under a renewable five year licence contract granted by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) and provides a 24-hour/seven day service with approximately 12 hours of live programming and 12 hours  of pre-recorded programming on offer daily. Also included are religious ceremonies, health promotion advertisements, news, and community notices or events and many requests, dedications and goodwill messages.
It is also included in the Major Accident Plan for the greater Cork Area and for the National Emergency Plan for its ability to communicate with the public. The station is located in its own purposely-designed and fitted studio in the main concourse of what is now the Cork University Hospital and has recently extended its broadcasting services  to the newer on-site  Cork University Maternity Hospital and the even newer Cardiac-Renal Centre. This  central location allows easy access to listeners wishing to call to the studio personally  to make a request or dedication.
In 2010  CUH FM celebrated its 21st year of broadcasting  and were awarded the Executive Management Board’s Achievement  Award for its services. They also received a visit from TV3 which was featured on the 5.30pm evening news.
On an annual basis, CUH FM are involved in the Cork Lord Mayor’s Awards, Lord Mayor’s Volunteer Fair, Christmas events at Cork University Hospital, on-going promotions of its services, and the recognition of its long-service broadcasters by presenting them with 10 year service awards at its Annual General Meetings.
The organisational structure consists of a Health Service Executive Designated Officer to oversee all activities at the station, a Management Committee (four members) to manage on a continuous basis and a Programme Committee whose role includes the supervision and monitoring of daily programming.
CUH FM hospital radio looks forward to continuing to provide a first class service to its target audience and to its future associations  with  the Irish Hospital Radio Network, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, HSE, Cork City Council,  and all of its loyal listeners and supporters.
Tom Browne