" A Friend at the Bedside"
Regional Hospital Radio serves the patients and staff of the Mid-Western Regional Hospital,
Limerick. The hospital radio station broadcast for the first time on the July 16, 2001. The station
broadcasts 24-hours each day. Live programmes run from 11am each weekday morning
until 9pm each evening. Outside of these hours the service is maintained using an automated playout system.
From the beginning we focused on  serving a community with shared interests and needs - the patients who are in our care and the staff in all grades and disciplines who are dedicated to looking after them.
In providing a hospital radio service we are conscious of the fact that people are in a strange environment, away from home and family. Our aim is simple - to entertain and distract the patient. If we can take the person's mind away from dwelling on their condition, if we can make them feel less isolated by bringing them a piece of music or song that is familiar then our hospital radio service can help the healing process.
Our purpose is to provide the best possible therapeutic radio service to patients and staff.
By playing a request, or passing on a get well message, we hope to be a link between the people in our care, their relatives and friends and the hospital which serves them.
Programmes are mainly music based and include a wide variety of music from big bands, crooners, jazz divas, the 50's and 60's, right up to selected  hits from the present day. Mass is broadcast each weekday at 1pm and is a comfort to many listeners.
The volunteer presenters are critical to maintaining the service. Some have been with the station from the beginning, others have joined our community
within the last month or two. Our purpose is to provide the best possible therapeutic radio service to patients and staff.
Each of us, several times during a programme, speak a simple phrase that carries a very important message,
Regional Hospital Radio 94.2FM  "A Friend at the Bedside". It is a motto that has served  Regional Hospital Radio well from
the day we began in 2001 and hopefully it will inform all that we do in the future.
Tom O’Sullivan
Presenter Profiles:
John Dalton.  Easy in the Morning.
John joined the hospital radio service in August 2003.
He presents an easy listening programme on Wednesday and Friday mornings between 11 and 1pm.
He has a laid back style and mixing music from the big bands, crooners, jazz divas, some 50's and 60's, a little soul, Motown, and the occasional current hit with some chat, a little history, and his own sense of humour.
Brian Dunne.  Down the Decades.
This young man came to the station earlier this year and has done very well. Brian presents "Down the Decade" on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2 to 4pm. He has a good knowledge of what is happening currently in the charts but also has a feel for music going back to the 60's. More than once he has included tracks on  CD's "borrowed" from his Dad's collection,
just to spice up the mix.
Leo Kirby.  40 Years and Rolling.
"40 Years and Rolling" has been  a mainstay of the schedule since early days at Regional Hospital Radio.
Presented by Leo Kirby each Thursday evening between 7 and 9pm. The programme includes tracks chosen from the last forty years.
Leo has one of the best voices on the air and when combined with his knowledge of artists and music, with a little humour thrown in, a programme that many listeners rarely, if ever miss.
Mike O'Neill.   Teatime Express  (including Patient Requests.)
Mike joined the hospital radio service in 2001 and is a very important member of the team. Mike has  worked in the hospital for many years and knows many of the staff. He has the important job of looking after patient requests during his programme which goes out between  5 and 7pm.
on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. An engaging voice combined with a relaxed style and Mike's unique brand of humour makes him one of Regional Hospital Radio's most popular presenters.
Tom O'Sullivan.  Easy in the Morning and Afternoon Delight.
Tom was employed at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital until December 2010, but continues to manage the station and be a presenter as a volunteer.  He also has a background in local radio dating back to 1978 and has been involved with Regional Hospital Radio from the planning stage. He presents the morning programme between 11 and 1pm. on Tuesdays. The music keeps more to the big bands, crooners and jazz divas, but includes some of the great jazz soloists on trumpet, guitar and piano. In the afternoon he likes to go back to the 50's and 60's, but also likes a little country rock, bands such as the Eagles and Emmylou Harris are often heard.
Brian Toner.  Easy in the Morning.
Brian is with the hospital radio service since November 2003 and presents his show on Monday and Thursday mornings from eleven to one in the afternoon.
His music mix draws on crooners and jazz divas but there is a hint of Irish, some classical music and an aria or two for tenor or soprano. He also includes music by the jazz big bands, but not just the well known  American orchestras, Brian likes many of the great English bands and regularly includes them in the show.
Brian has a gentle voice which draws his listeners in and his programme does embody our motto "A Friend at the Bedside".
Tony Wallace.
Tony is our most recent recruit, He came to Regional Hospital Radio in June 2011. He has been on air for just a few weeks and has made an excellent start. We hope
he will continue to go from strength to strength and be with us for many years to come. He is most familiar with  the music of the Eighties and Nineties, but includes
a broader  range of music  when picking his music. Tony presents his programme each Wednesday between 7 and 9pm.